Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I need a favor...

**EDITED TO ADD: You have 3 ways to leave comments now. You can leave them signing in using your facebook account, twitter account, or the FIRST time- log in as a guest...fill in your name, email and blog address and it will remember you from here on out. I know it sounds confusing but I promise once you log in one way or another, it remembers you each time from here on out!!!! But I still want your input!

**One other thing....when you sign in - make sure under your comment, you click that you do NOT want to subscribe to all comments....I think you only have to do this once...I believe.

Like I said, I'm brand new to this, just trying it out along with yall.


I'm testing out this new commenting system.

Can yall go to "comments" and attempt to leave one and tell me if it gives you options to sign in with your twitter account, or facebook account or blogger account??

If it becomes more trouble than it's worth for yall to comment, I'm going to go back to the way things "used" to be...but I enjoy this because I can reply to your comments, and you get an email, and you can reply to other peoples comments as well!!!

Yall lemme know!!! Thanks so much--