Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Firsts...

{First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who have commented on my last few posts. It excites me to check my blog and see comments from SO many who wish me well and support me :) I will address the Weight Watchers Update soon...but for now I must say this....}

Today was my first day to have both kiddos at the house. When I accepted the Nanny-ing job, the 2.5 year old was in school until 2:45 each day, and it was only the baby. Well now the 2.5 year old critter kid is out of school for the summer, hence I have both children all day.

I ran to got in my car promptly at 4:17 and shuffled through all of the crap woman necessities of my purse and found my phone among some unwrapped gum, year old receipts, nasty old cough drop, a sweetart or two, lipstick...etc. I frantically hit "favorites" on my phone can called the husband. Convo went like this:

Husband: Hey babe how are you
Me: I'm fine. we have any Vodka in the freezer?
Husband: Don't we have that Tito's in there and that small thing of Absolute?
Me: I'm not sure, can you check?
Husband: {walking over to freezer} Oh yeah babe, there is plenty in here.
Me: Both of the bottles???
Husband: Yes, both are freezing in the freezer. {walking back to couch}
Me: Hey babe, do we have Sweet & Sour mix left?
Husband: What in the world do you have planned?
Husband: {walking very hard on his feet to the cabinet} Yes, we have a little but you might need more.
Me: Great. I'll be making myself a Vodka Sour or 12 when I get home. See ya soon, Love you
Husband: Love you too.

Went to Kroger and got the fixings for nachos this well as Sweet & Sour Mix AND Appletini Mix- HA!!!

So now, I sit enjoying my FIRST (of many) Appletini's for the evening.

It's been a rough day =)

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Angela said...

HA! This is too funny! Enjoy your drinks - you deserve them :) xoxo

Marissa said...

Sorry about your bad day. Hope your evening is better!

a corgi said...

in a a few weeks you will be a pro at this as you get used to both of them at the same time being there and get yourself on a schedule with them. and then it will be fall and the pre-schooler will start school again and all will change once again; always an adventure taking care of kids

at least you get to enjoy the weekend and this evening with some delicious things to eat/drink; enjoy!


Shannon said...

Do you go home and drink after watching my kids too? ;o)

Suzanne said...

I am impressed that you waited until the evening. =) I love when 12 hits, COCKTAIL TIME!!!

happy gram said...

ok, so the next time i have chris's 3 yr old and his 21 mo old WE ARE GETTING TOGETHER. i'm SURE my 21 month old can give your 2.5 yr old a run for her/his money! and yes, i totally understand. the last two nights they were here, i left as soon as bruce came home and went to mi cocina's BY MYSELF and sat on the patio and drank 2 margaritas. they're coming again late july and i'm ready! i think i've got a handle on it (how did i do this 32 years ago??)....p.s. it's good birth control.

happy gram said...

pps. you need to get a clock where every number is 5.

Cally D said...

hope you had an extra couple for me! ;)