Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Life....Back to Reality....

If my mission is accomplished, then This Soul II Soul Song has come to mind =)

This song was the theme of our adventures home on Monday. Rob and I spend a wonderful 5 days in Snowmass Village, Colorado with wonderful friends such as these:

And taking in the views such as:

Rob and I have friends (Jaime and Toby) who live in Louisiana and were in our wedding. Jaime has a cousin named Hannes and his wife is also named Jamie. Anyway, we met Jamie and Hannes a while back during one of our excursions to Louisiana and they also made it to our wedding. They have an Uncle who lives near Snowmass Village, Colorado. He so generously offered to book a cabin on the mountain, and invited all 6 of us up there for a weekend of skiing and fun!!! We skied, we ate, we laughed, we cried, we drank a litte, we ate a lot. We had Shrimp and Crawfish Gumbo one night, and shrimp fettuccine the next. We ate a lot of other stuff that's totally unhealthy inbetween meals. It was SO much fun and Rob and I are truly blessed with such fun and amazing friends. The weather was gorgeous, and we often found ourselves coming back at lunch to remove layers of clothing, which is a BLESSING when skiing! I came back injury fee, and my sweet husband came back with a messed up tailbone =) He took a good spill while snowboarding and attempting to pull a Shawn White in the terrain park =) I have a video, but that will have to be put up on facebook!!! Anyway, we had a wonderful getaway, and it was much needed for the both of us!!!!


I apologize for not posting the winner of the giveaway sooner- but life got the best of me =) I hope I can be forgiven!!! Before I announce the winner I do want to say a big THANK YOU to all of those who participated!!! I had such a wonderful turnout, it made me smile! Lots of new followers for both me AND Allison!!! I also want to thank Allison for her generous giveaway idea!! Thank you so much for allowing me to host this for you!! I wish you nothing but the best in your business endeavors, Allison!!!!

Also- please come back often and visit, as I have another giveaway later this week!!! Yep...another!!!!!!

Ok...onto the stuff I know yall really care about.

Here are all of the entries all ready to go:

And All of my little fishies in the sea.....

And the WINNER OF:


And THIS....


IS....... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........

Kelly is a sweet friend of mine, who is a member of the Wedding Forum that I am on. Wedding Announcer (dot com) is the site that I used to host our wedding website and there is also a forum connected to Wedding Announcer and I have met some wonderful ladies on there, and Kelly is one of them!!! Venture over to her blog and take a look at her precious Corgi puppy :) CONGRATS KELLY!!!!!!

(email me at amy(at)v-rod.net and we will get the giveaway to you!!!

Thank you ALL, again, for hanging around and reading and participating on my blog :) It really does make me smile. Like I said, I have another giveaway coming later on this week, so please keep checking back!!!


On another note, as I close this long long entry, I do have a couple of favors.

1) I know many of you out there in the blogging world read
MckMama's Blog -- and already know that her precious baby, Stellan, is in the hospital right now with some heart issues. I love reading her blog and if you have never read it before, please click on over and sit back and be prepared to be entertained for hours. If yall could just say a prayer for her family, and particularly little Stellan, I know she would be so grateful.

2) And secondly, if you would please please keep Rob in your thoughts and prayers. He is really facing some things right now that are just so tough for him. He is trying to determine the best possible avenue to take for himself and for the two of us at this point in time, regarding his profession. As many of you know, he was laid off over a month ago and is being tugged in a few different directions. If you could please pray for our patience, understanding, and for something to become clear to us- which way to go, we would really appreciate it. I know the world out there is tough right now, and there are many others in our position, so if you could just keep us and others in your thoughts, it would mean the world =)

I hope yall are having a WONDERFUL Tuesday!!!!!

(PS- answers to my "You Question, I Answer" coming soon!!!)

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Bethany said...

looks like you guys had a great trip!! you're so cute!!

Josh&Alli said...

Aww it looks like you had a blast!

Yayyyy Kelly!! Congrats! As soon as we get your information I'll send this out for you. I hope you like everything.

Thank you so much for everything Amy. I really appreciate you letting me host this for you! Hopefully we can work together again? :o)

Donna said...

Great pics from your trip, looked like an awesome time! Congrats to Kelly the winner of the giveaway, Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy !!!!!

Big hugs & prayers going out to Rob during this tough tough time, you are both so lucky to have one another, what a great couple you make!!!


Kelly said...

Really?? I won?? Yay!! I should play the lottery or something cause I have been winning like crazy lately haha! I will send you an email :)

Glad you had fun on your trip and I will send good thoughts you and Rob's way.

Donna said...

I LOL'd at the little fishies in the sea, haha...

kara battel said...

next time... i want to come! we new bff's need to spend some time together!