Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kreativ Kritter...????

(PS- Abby, I can't stand spelling "Kreativ" that way either) *wink*

So Miss Babbling Abby has presented me with this Kreativ Blogger Award, even though we all know I'm not Kreativ (ok, not creative either) but since she and I have had fun reading each others posts, she was so kind to "award" me =)

Rules???? Post 7 Things that I Love, and tag some others....

1) Sweet Things. Candy, Cupcakes, catch my drift, while I catch the pounds.

2) Diet Coke. Enough Said.

3) I love my mornings and evenings with my husband and 2 dogs. Just hanging out, being silly...makes me smile.

4) I love when I think it's Sunday, but it's really only Saturday!!! YAHOOO!!!

5) I love doing "home improvement" projects with my husband. Seriously, I'm not even kidding.

6) I love all 4 seasons. I love Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Love bundling up for the cold, love seeing the leaves change color, love the newness of spring and the lightness of summer!

7) I love when Rob kisses me on the forehead :)

Alright...Taggy Time...(im just tagging 3)

Wendy!!!!: My newest BFF (blog friend forever) Heheh. Seriously. Her daughter is adorable, and her stories hilarious.

Teresa!!!!: Our "behind the house" neighbors, who have a precious 3-almost-4 month old daughter. We are blessed to have them as our neighbors!!!

Sweet Kara: who REALLY needs to catch a break =)

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