Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spencer Cottontail

This really should have been posted in a Not Me Monday! MckMama Style but I somehow forgot about this story until last night. Brace yourself.....

This past weekend, I attended my Future-Sister-In-Law's Bachelorette Party. (I would leave details about what we did, but her fiance doesn't know..and part of it is a surprise...) so let me just say that my sister came over and did my make-up.

We had some problems with my allergies that morning, and my eyes decided they wanted to run non-stop forever. So my sister finishes, and I gathered my things, and kissed my husband goodbye.

I get in my car- and due to the ever-changing Texas weather, my A/C was on full blast and therefore it blew a nice 55 degree shot of air straight into my eyes. Insert eyes running again, here.

I was frantically trying to keep my makeup from running, driving with one hand while dabbing said eyes with the other, and keep my bags from falling on the floor as I had to make an abrupt stop at a yellow/red light.

I realize that I my fingertips are going to lose this battle. They are not absorbent enough. Do I have Kleenex in my car??? No. I am not a mother, nor am I 65 so I don't have kleenex in my car. I do have about 91208312 old smashed up receipts in the side of my door, but I might run the risk of the ink on the receipts running and having an even bigger problem. Do I have any Q-Tips??? Nope.

Eureka........I just remembered what I DO HAVE. I reach into my console.....

Oh yes, I did. Believe it or not, Oh YES I DID. I opened that pink and white wrapper right up, and popped out that cotton. I popped out that bad boy. And began to dab. And dab. And dab. And dab. I dabbed up my runny eyes, and drove down the road proudly using the cotton of the tampon with the string hanging down the backside.

Oh, and you'll REALLY be glad to know that the upper outer edges began to EXPAND and "flower" out because they were absorbing, LOLLLLLLL!!!!!

Proof is in the picture!!! (and yes, I was running out of gas)

No one can ever accuse me of not being resourceful!!!!!

Please tell me yall would have done the same thing in my situation??!?!

YOUR TURN!!!!!Please share some of your resourceful stories!!!!

8 talker(s):

Trisha said...

That story was hilarious. LOL

Lindsey said...

hahahahaha that was very resourceful!!

Bethany said...

too funny!! I had to pull over and pee behind a church once. my daughter almost died of humiliation!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

ha! That's funny!!

Ashley said...

BAAHAHA! I love this and what a great idea!! I am so UNresourceful it isn't even funny. At least I have a trick for the next time this happens to me! ;)

Wendy said...

That is too funny!! Love it!!

chrisi{joy} said...

hahaha.. we have used tampons at soccer practice before for nosebleeds. :)

Shannon said...

Well, being that I have two kids, one of whom is now on permanent allergy meds, I do have kleenex in my car. And you do not need to be a mom to have a little packet of tissues in the middle console. Do you not sneeze ever??? ;o)

That said, I could easily see using something similar if I was desperate. I do draw the line at taking pictures. That part is just weird!