Thursday, March 26, 2009

Betcha Can't Pick Just One....

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

To those of you who watch American Idol, did yall get as many chills as I did last night??? Holy Goodness. I don't usually tear up this early in the season at the performances, but 2 of the men had tears brimming my eyes, I won't lie.

Kris Allen

This guy is just awesome. Tender, Sweet, Amazing voice...just all around greatness. He truly doesn't realize how good he really is (I agree with the judges here) and totally hope he goes really really far in the competition.

Adam Lambert Seriously. This guy has unheard of talent. He has taken every single song he has chosen, and has made the most amazing arrangement. And last night, if you did not just LOVE the song, then seriously...we need to talk about your taste in music. It was soft and sexy and sincere and ....mannnnn. Rob even agreed. He is AWESOME. I can't wait for next week :) And who knew he could clean up and get out of those wretched skinny jeans?!?

So I hope it's Kris and Adam in the finale. I'm going to throw that out there now. Such greatness, such amazing voices.

Tell me Talkers...what did yall think about last night?!?

5 talker(s):

Kelly said...

Those are my two favorites too! Kris is so cute and Adam is soo good :)

The Pettijohn's said...

Kris, Kris! He seems sweet and has a great voice!!

Bethany said...

Kris is from Arkansas, so naturally I am rooting for him, but I do love Adam! This is a good season!!

Trisha said...

I, surprisingly, have not gotten into AI this season. *GASP*

It's just that, after the 9-5 job, the gym has consumes my life. :(

Donna said...

I thought Adam was AMAZING last night, truly amazing!!! I too want him to make it to the finale!! *fingers crossed*

Certainly is the year for the men, not many ladies left.