Monday, March 30, 2009

The Time Has Come....

This weekend I'm tackling the Spring Clean. I think this may be one of the last weekends that I don't have too much studying to do, so in a few short days I'm tackling the disaster. From Blinds to Baseboards and Ceiling Fans to Floors....the weather is "supposed" to be nice and that calls for the windows thrown open and the old dingy cleaning clothes thrown on.

So I figured I would list some of the cleaning products that I can't do without while cleaning, and HOPE that you ladies can offer up some more suggestions!!!!

First, Rob and I have Absolute Black Granite Countertops in our kitchen. Gorgeous....absolutely. PITA to keep clean and streak free???? You betcha. I have found 2 cleaners that I enjoy using on my black granite countertops to keep them clean and streak free. One is the Method Granite Spray that you can get from Target. That is the 2nd runner up. The top choice is 409 Natural Stone Cleaner. This stuff is the BEST. Have anyone else tried it???

FYI-- I have pretty much determine the only place I can consistently find this cleaner is at Kroger!

Second, I LOVE me some Mr Clean Magic Erasers. Seriously, these things can tackle the nastiest of scums and grimiest of greases!!!

And for our Stainless Steel Appliances I have had one HECK of a time finding something to clean them, and truly CLEAN them, remove fingerprints, but not streak!!! Pledge makes Stainless Steel Wipes and they are HANDS DOWN the best thing for Stainless Steel Appliances, Trashcans, Door Knobs, etc. They are sometimes difficult to find as well, so when I do come across them, I always grab a couple of packs!

So here is where I need yalls help, PLEASE. What are some of the cleaning products that YOU love??? What do you use on a tile shower with glass doors? I want to TACKLE the soap scum big time. What about the baseboards? What have you found to work best?? And for those of you with Hardwood floors...what do you mop with??? I have Bruce Hardwood cleaner, and that stuff works great but I'm looking for another alternative!!! Can yall help?!?!

Tell me what your Cleaning Cabinet can't live without!!!!!!

5 talker(s):

Donna said...

I love the Mr.Clean magic eraser....I use it while I did some semi spring cleaning on the weekend. Awesome product!

Cally D said...

That magic eraser honestly works WONDERS around our house too! Stove top looks brand spankin' new after we use it to clean!!!!

Chloe said...

Good luck cleaning! I'll have to try the magic eraser soon.

Christine said...

7th Generation Carpet Cleaner... ever since munckin arrived we have been careful what we use to clean around the house and especially the carpets. this is a must and I haven't been able to find it anywhere in Plano/Allen Frisco, by us they had it in Target :( boo, but we LOVE Method Granite cleaner and stainless steel cleaner, it's perfect for a daily wipe down from sticky fingers on our fridge

Alyssa said...

The magic eraser is great! I used that when we first moved in and there was paint EVERYWHERE (on tile, the tub, windows). It was like they didnt care where the paint splattered. For quick cleanups in the bathroom I will use the clorox wipes, but I have yet to find any products that I love.