Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bloggy Blog Award

*Don't forget the You Question, I Answer post below!!!!*

Farm Girl from In Love with a Farm Boy presented me with the cutest of blog awards =) Thank you so so so much!!! Yay!!!!

The instructions are to post 10 Not-So-Cute things about myself, and to tag some others.

Alright....I can't promise these 10 things will be entertaining, but I promise they won't be cute!!!!

1. My 2nd toe is longer than my 1st toe. Drive me nuts, I can't stand it- and in fact that is a reason that I had close-toed shoes for the wedding, for fear that my toes would make it in pictures involving the garter- and well, that just can't happen!

2. I am NOT one of those girls who can just wake up and "re-do" their hair from the day before with a water bottle and a round brush and hair dryer. Nope, not me. It's either all or nothing. Shower or Hat.

3. Bad Bad habit of biting my nails. Always have...and probably always will. Oh how thankful I am for acrylic nails =)

4. Our Schnauzer has a pooping problem and has proceeded to poop about 8-10 times a day for the last 8 months. Yes, including having to get up 2-3 times a night and be let out. It has taken 3 different vets and plenty of $$ to determine her problem. It isn't 100% fixed yet, but I do believe there is hope on her current "regimen". And yes, I was the one that she would wake up to let her out in the middle of the night. If we wanted to get up every 2-3 hours all night long, we would have a Bitty Baby Spencer. (but we love the pooping Schnauzer anyway)---told ya these things aren't supposed to be cute!

5. I'm not afraid to go out to public places and restaurants wearing a hat and having on no makeup. It may not be cute, but I do it.

6. I used to wear a size 10 shoe which is NOT cute, but luckily my feet shrunk (somehow) and I can wear a 9 or 9.5 now!!! Not cute per say, but cutER than it was!

7. I used to dip my Chick-Fil-A fries and nuggets in mayonnaise. Cute, no. Truth, yes.

8. I don't mind getting messy. Paint, soaked from rain, dirt, mud...doesn't bother me much.

9. I'm not afraid to cry in front of anyone. I may know you for years, might have just met ya- but if I cry...don't take it personal :)

10. I use the space/pocket at the bottom of my driver side door for trash. Straw wrappers, receipts, other wrappers, etc- it gets put there until it's full and I empty it and repeat. Drives my husband nuts, but it's what I do =)

There ya have it. See, I'm just not so cute.

I'm going to take some others and hope they will share some NOT cute things with us!!!

Bethany : Sweet blogger and winner of my giveaway!!

Leanna : Sweet Newlywed as well as my partner for the Martini Swap!!!

Kara : this girl makes me laugh, laugh, laugh!!!

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Oh gosh. This should be :)

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